Can you identify this animal that was spotted in Northern Colorado? Is it a dog? A coyote? A warthog pig?

A warthog pig was one guess but is extremely unlikely. A mysterious animal was spotted in Northern Colorado and the internet can't quite figure out what it is.

Some Information About Animal

A Reddit user posted in r/animalID trying to figure out what the animal was. Initially, the Northern Coloradan thought it was a lost dog and was going to pick it up, but then quickly realized that the animal was not a dog at all.

At that point, the person ran back to their car.

Take A Look at the Animal: Can You Identify It?

The original photo was taken from a distance. Let's take a closer look so we can analyze it better.

Reddit, Photo Courtesy of u/lunaapollo
Reddit, Photo Courtesy of u/lunaapollo

This mystery animal does not look like a dog to me. If I was going to guess, the animal is most likely a coyote. But this doesn't look like a typical coyote.

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Users Agree With My Theory

A large amount of Reddit users believe that this animal is a coyote. Many pointed out that it is likely a coyote with mange.

Mange is typically caused by a mite that causes it to lose hair and develop a crust on their skin. When a coyote has mange it compromises their immune system and they typically only survive for two more years.

Mange can be contagious to dogs and humans, so if you see an animal with mange you should make sure to stay away.

Here is the full post if you would like to go through the comments.

What is this animal?! Seen in Northern Colorado. Stopped the car to get out and grab what we thought was a loose dog, quickly ran back to the car when it didn’t look like a dog.
byu/lunaapollo inanimalid

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