I have a multitude of passions when it comes to organizations in the community, the SAVA Center is at the top of my list. The more I think about the organizations that have grabbed my heart, it seems they all have something to do with children. Wednesday I got to visit their new facility in south Fort Collins and was widely impressed.

SAVA Facebook
SAVA Facebook

Executive Director Jennifer Jones showed my James and me around the new facility and discussed the many different aspects of the SAVA Center and how the staff all come together for our community.

Jennifer has worked in the field of victim services since 2004 and became the Executive Director in August of 2012. From outreach to counseling to collaborating with other great organizations in the community the entire staff, the team, come together and help our community heal from adversity and grow.

I could tell by the first moment that I stepped inside that this was a welcoming, safe place where people could come and let their guard down, be themselves and breathe.

I am thankful to Jennifer and her team for allowing us to invade their space for a moment in time and get to know them better.

SAVA, Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center has facilities in both Larimer and Weld counties. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, the crisis line is open 24/7 970-472-4200. If you'd like to learn more about the SAVA Center and possibly get involved visit their website: savacenter.org

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