I have very vivid nightmares, and they seem to be the same horrible dreams time after time. I am not quite sure why I have so many night terrors, but sometimes I scare the bejeebers out of my wife when I wake up screaming or with my heart nearly beating out of my chest. I think my nightmares are very common ones. These are the bad dreams I have most often:

5. Teeth Falling out

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This one is very strange to me, but it is a dream I have quite often; my teeth crumble and/or fall out. It seems very real. It seems so real that I even start making plans in my dream about how I will deal with the loss of my chompers.

4. Workmare - There is Dead Air and I can't get in Studio

Microphone in studio
Brian Gary, TSM

I think this work-mare is common for most of us radio people. I am locked out of the studio and the song runs out. There is dead air and there is nothing I can do about it. I think I have this dream because I think about work all the time. It sounds simple and harmless, but it really is terrifying.

3. Falling

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I have had nightmares about falling since I was a little kid, probably because the idea of falling a long way is very scary to me and always has been. I have heard this dream is quite common and I have also heard that if you ever actually hit the ground, you really do die. I think that part is a bunch of bull-jive.

2. Man Standing Over my Bed

Shadowy Figure
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I am in my Aunt Hazel's house on her family farm. I am sleeping in her guest room. I wake up and there is a dark figure standing over my bed. This is one of the nightmares that makes me scream and sit straight up in bed. My poor wife. It's amazing she hasn't made me sleep in the guest room more often.

1. Death

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This is the scariest nightmare of them all. I dream that I have really died. I usually wake up gasping for air in a cold sweat. Freaky! Freaky! Freaky! It may have something to do with my sleep apnea and not being able to breath at night sometimes. The worst part is how real it feels. I guess my biggest fear is dying.

And yes, I am a little crazy, which may explain all of my nightmares.

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