Who hasn't had their differences with their parents, especially Mom's since their values seem to be 'safer' than those of our Father's.

What I mean, is that Dad's are the ones encouraging their kids to jump off the last step while Mom is screaming no to when they grow up Dad's are giving high fives to their kids who just got done with aerial drops in the military and Mom won't even look at the pictures.

Charley's Mom and Dad
Charley's Mom and Dad

You get it. That's why we love Mom's so much because without Mom's, and women in general, we Men would have it all screwed up. Those of us who didn't starve to death would end up eventually killing each other and burning the rest of it down in one big haze. Would probably take us no more than 6 months and we'd be back to a Cro-Magnon time period.

Seriously though, I love my Mom to death and she has taught me more than she realizes and that stuff you just can't repay, you can only hope to pass along some of that knowledge to your own offspring and hope for the best. We are shaped and molded mostly by our Mother's and they are the largest part of who we are for the most part and to you Mom, you did a wonderful job and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Even if it does rain and snow...boooooooooooo!

Take a minute and go take a peek at all our Mom's in the 'My Mom Rocks' contest below and vote for your favorite. No, you won't see my Mom there because of the whole 'family may not enter blah blah blah' rule but I'm sure your favorite Mom is waiting so go vote because it all ends tomorrow and Happy Mother's Day to all you fantastic Mom's out there.

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