If you take one look at me you would suspect that I enjoy a tasty order of french fries now and then. My body does not lie..I do love me some fries. I believe the drive home from picking up food for the family is always at least a small order of fries away. I also will be the one to harvest the stray fries that fall to the bottom of the sack as well.

Today is National French Fry Day! What a great holiday. I will celebrate by enjoying an order of deliciousness from one of my favorite fry emporiums. I admit I still find it hard to beat McDonalds when it comes to fries. They will always be the gold standard for fast food fries to me. I also absolutely love those crinkle cut fries at Culvers too. Speaking of crinkle cut fries, you will be hard pressed to find better ones than the bad boys at Fat Albert's in Greeley. I am also a sucker for those thin shoestring kind of taters they serve at Steak n Shake and also at Stuft.

Whatever your preference, enjoy some fries today and celebrate National French Fry Day.