Oh September I cannot wait for you to start. September is my favorite month of the year without a doubt, especially here in Colorado. Colorado is always beautiful but it seems to me that everything gets a little more beautiful this time of year.

There are many reasons that I love September. It is the month that I was born. It is when football gets rolling. It is when the kids get back to school and the days have a little more structure. It is when the leaves start to turn and this breathtaking state takes your breath away even more. It is when the days start to get a little shorter which makes a man who goes to bed by 8 a lot more happy. It is when it starts to get a little bit cooler and the nights are perfect for sleeping.

I am ready for it all to begin. Come on September, I have been waiting for you.  What about you? Are you a hot weather July kind of person? Do you love the cold of a Colorado December? What is your favorite month of the year in Colorado?

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