Walrus Ghost Charlie
Drew Bankston, Star Painter Productions

It's True! We definitely saw something. Watch our video to see what we saw.

This is the 1st installment in a video series I am calling the "Most Haunted Places in Northern Colorado". I started with Walrus Ice Cream in Old Town Fort Collins. The reason I chose Walrus is because they are proud of their ghost, who they lovingly call Charlie. Charlie Dinnebeck owned a cafe in the early 1900s on the spot where Walrus Ice Cream stands now. Charlie is said to be friendly playful ghost.

How to See the Ghost

My buddy, Drew Bankston, from Star Painter Productions and I went in search of Charlie one Saturday afternoon and were not disappointed.  Walrus Manager Anna Sherman took us in the spooky old basement of the shop, which once sat adjacent to the Fort Collins city morgue.  Our shocking discovery is revealed in the YouTube video below. It starts to get really really creepy at around 6:05. Keep your eyes on the lower right of your computer screen. You can see it better on a PC than on a smart phone. It also helps if you are watching in a room with the lights out.

What You See is Real

Thanks to Drew for shooting and editing the YouTube video. I promise he didn't use any camera or editing tricks. We were all standing 15 feet behind Drew when he shot the footage down the dark hallway, so don't try to say that one of us stepped in the shot. We did not. What you see is real. You be the judge on what exactly that is.

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