When I started my series on the "Most Haunted Places in Northern Colorado" I didn't know what to expect. Honestly, I have never believed in ghosts. Now, i don't know what to think. When my buddy Drew, Spirit Sensitive Dakota, and I recently visited Sylvan Dale Ranch west of Loveland. We definitely saw something. You can call it a ghost. You can call it a spirit, an apparition, a paranormal experience, whatever it was was floated across the video screen in broad daylight. Sylvan Dale owner, Susan Jessup, will tell you it was the spirit of her mother Tillie, who passed away years ago, but still lives on the ranch.

Spirit Sensitive Dakota

Dokota or Koti, as I call her, was born with a gift. She can't "see dead people" anymore, but she could when she was a little kid. However, she can still feel their presence. The proof is in the three videos we have made. When we were at Walrus Ice Cream in Downtown Fort Collins, she said she could feel the presence of their ghost, Charlie, then he showed up on camera. When we visited the Old Firehouse and Jail in Old Town, Koti said that ghosts had been there, but had left. We found nothing on the film afterwards. When we visited Sylvan Dale Ranch, she felt a strong presence of a spirit and said she believed it was Tillie. When Drew edited the footage, there Tillie was in the light of day. Dakota definitely has sense that I don't understand. I thank her for sharing her gift with all of us.

Cameraman Drew Bankston

Twice now Drew has captured some sort of spirit on camera, at Walrus Ice Cream and now at Sylvan Dale Ranch. Does he have a gift too or do they just show up because Koti is there? I don't know. I do know that Drew is a talented videographer and editor for Star Painter Productions. He is also a talented author who has written many books.

The Spirit

This YouTube video was shot and edited by Drew. You know after 28 years on the air, you can trust me. He did not doctor the footage. Drew is even willing to sign a sworn statement that he did not add anything to the video except music and subtitles. What you see is real. It gave me chills and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end when I saw it. When Koti and I climbed into the Book Nook, it starts to get weird. Look on the right side of your computer screen starting at about 5:30 into the video.

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