This may be the most revolutionary thing to happen to the confectionery industry since someone put a stick at the end of a sucker and called it a lollipop.

In "Finally!" news, someone has created a machine that separates M&Ms by color. Rejoice!

We're not going to even pretend to understand exactly how this works, so we'll let the video description explain it:

A high torque motor rotates a plate that sends M&M through a hole one at a time. As the M&Ms fall an iPhone distinguish the colours. The iPhone communicates with an Arduino via a bluetooth board, and the Arduino then uses a relay to fire off electromagnet controlled gates to send the M&Ms into the correct chute.

Yeah, whatever. We don't get any of that. It's like teaching calculus to a preschooler. What we do get, though, is that the reds and yellows and browns can all stay together. It's candy segregation at its finest.

Unfortunately, this is only a prototype, so who knows how long before it's a reality? What that means is you'll have to continue to divvy up the colors on your own and risk the carpal tunnel syndrome with the constant hand motions involved.

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