Can you believe that many children go missing every day, yet some of them are never reported as missing? This means there is no real way to know how many children have gone missing in the United States.

Children go missing every day for various reasons and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works hard to reunite the missing children with their families or get these missing children to safety.

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This year in the state of Colorado, 22 children have gone missing. These 22 children are from all over Colorado and vary in age. Look at these photos and see if you recognize any of these children. Maybe together we can reunite these kids with their families.

Help Find These 22 Children That Went Missing in Colorado in 2023

These children have gone missing in the state of Colorado in 2023. Can you help find them and bring them home?

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For more information on missing children in Colorado and nationwide, please visit

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