Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson with Brian and Todd
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Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, became a media sensation after finishing third place finish in the Miss America Pageant. The video of her talent monologue went viral and the backlash from “The View’s” negative comments about her monologue turned Kelley into folk-hero to nurses across the nation and the World. She appeared  on “The Ellen Degeneres show“ after saying that Ellen should be on the $10 bill.  She then appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, Inside Edition, and a couple other national TV shows to speak out for nurses and the nursing profession, and 25 days after it all began, she is finally home.


Kelley visited the K99 studio on Thursday to to talk to Brian and Todd about her adventures over the past month. In the first YouTube video, Miss Colorado talks to us about the overwhelming support and response she has received from Nurses around the World and how most people feel about her Ellen comment. She also told us her favorite thing she has done since the Miss America Pageant.

In the 2nd YouTube video, Kelley shares why she chose to do the nurse monologue, how she wants to spend her year as Miss Colorado, and what makes her calm down before a pageant.

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