You will encounter stress and difficulty today. That is just a cold hard fact. What you do with it and how you handle it is one of the keys to being happy. We all want happy and by adding one little thing to your daily routine, it may make that an easier goal to attain.

I believe that we need to set aside a period of time each day to worry and stress. I pick from 4-415 pm. Throughout the day, when negative or stressful things pop into my head, I tell myself that I will deal with them during my set aside stress time. When you do this consistently it really helps ease the brain. There were times I would just sit there and stare into space thinking about what I was supposed to be worrying about. When I started setting aside a worry brain relaxed.

The funny thing about setting aside a daily time to deal with the worries and stress is that when that time of day rolls around, you have usually forgotten about your burden or it has already resolved itself. I have saved myself a lot of anguish and wasted emotion by creating this space on my daily planner.

Try it for yourself. Add a new item to your daily schedule and you may find that it makes the rest of the day a lot easier to deal with. Peace, love, happiness, and acceptance to you today.

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