But it sure does sound like a dream job, doesn't it?

Anytime you can get paid to do something that comes naturally to you is a dream job. What are some of your dream jobs? I think we would all love to get paid to eat, vacation, talk (it's the best job ever)... or even breathe. Sleep would also be a great job to get paid for.

Eachnight is a mattress company that is actually paying people to take naps. Their goal is simple, to give you a better night's sleep. Their team of "Nap Reviewers" will provide valuable information about sleep quality for those who love to nap.

And no, it's not a joke.

For those interested, Eachnight says you need to be ready to work right away, you will nap alone each day for 30 days, and must be able to write well-constructed reviews of their naps, as well as take part in video calls before and after each nap. You must be 18 years or older and the application deadline is May 31. For your work, you will be paid $1,500.

That's a lot of money for not a lot of work each day.

However, how much does Colorado actually need a nap? Are you someone who sneaks in some shuteye in the middle of the day? According to a survey conducted by Zippia last year, Colorado is not a tired state.

On their "Most Exhausted States in the US" list, Colorado landed at number 38. We're far from the top 10 and certainly in the bottom half. This means that we are pretty well-rested compared to the rest of the nation.

And yet, if you told me I could take an hour to sleep right now, I would totally take you up on your offer... especially if it came with a paycheck.

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