A Colorado man was recently arrested for an illegal marijuana grow operation where authorities found roughly $300,000 worth of the plant.

The man, 56-year-old Weiguang Fong, was apprehended by authorities following an anonymous tip by a woman who allegedly requested to remain anonymous. The incident occurred in Pueblo West, Colorado, a community largely consisting of residential areas northwest of Pueblo, Colorado.

Police say that the woman that gave them the tip called 911 to report the illegal grow operation, and during the call spoke in a quiet voice, then following her report to police, disconnected the call without identifying herself.

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When police investigated Fong's home, they found 274 marijuana plants and 60 pounds of cultivated marijuana flower ready to be sold. The plants and cultivated flowers were found in numerous rooms in the man's basement.

When recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado back in 2012, residents were allowed to grow six plants per person per household, but according to Colorado's CBS4, the law now states that Coloradans are only allowed 12 plants per household.

The identity of the woman that called the police to tip off the man remains unclear, but it has been reported that upon seizing his home and arresting him, Fong told police that his large grow operation was in place to help his wife that allegedly suffers from an undisclosed medical condition.

Following the seizure and Fong's arrest, he is now facing multiple charges including possession with intent to manufacture or distribute marijuana 50 pounds or more as well as cultivation of more than 30 marijuana plants.


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