I am making a video series called, "The Best of Fort Collins". So, I figured the city should have a new slogan. Do we even have a slogan? I sure didn't know that answer when I started this adventure.

Fort Collins has several nicknames: The Choice City, Fort Fun, and even "The Napa Valley of Beer". With a tiny bit of research, I found out that there actually is an official slogan for the city. According to the Greeley Tribune, the town I have called home for nearly 30 years, acquired a slogan in 2007: "Fort Collins: Where renewal is a way of life." I get it, we recycle stuff here, but could it be better?

I think Fort Collins' slogan should be simple. I think it should be fun. I think it should represent all of the things that the city is known for, like beer, and geese, and CSU. Our YouTube guru Madi and I set out to find a new slogan and put it to the test. We found out that it is not an easy task, but we settled on one and took it to the streets of Fort Collins to see if it works. You can see our adventure in this YouTube video:

*Disclaimer:  This was all done in fun and is no way criticizing the City of Fort Collins for their choice of a slogan.

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