This probably won't be the most romantic Valentine's Day Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline have ever shared, but the singer didn't give up on the holiday.

Caroline Bryan is sick with the flu, so she more or less wants to be left alone. Her husband kind of respected that wish. In an Instagram video, Mrs. Bryan shows off his gift to her: A giant white and pink cake and a balloon arrangement fit for cruising the summer sky.

Officially she's "on the mend," but in a second video Luke Bryan laments that they haven't been able to touch each other lately, a situation that — judging from Caroline's body language — doesn't figure to fix itself soon. Her day got worse when her gift to Luke was destroyed by the couple's dog, Choc. Check out her Instagram Stories to see the carnage there.

"When I said I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day in bed, this isn’t what I meant," she writes. "Every woman really wants to be alone with snacks and watch crap on TV. Happy Valentine’s Day from the infirmary!"

Luke and Caroline Bowyer married in December 2006. The couple have two sons together and have adopted their nephew. This weekend look for the megastar on TV during the debut of American Idol, although the audition episodes are all pre-taped, so they could in theory celebrate Valentine's Day a day or two later.

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