I get happy if I find a dollar in my pocket...

Do you play the lottery? It's incredibly tempting isn't it? You see that dollar amount rise and rise and rise and you start to wonder if you are just the person to win it. Personally, I don't play the lottery because I get my hopes up too much. Not to mention there are so many other people who play it so what would set me apart.

And then there's this guy who has won multiple times.

Bryan Moss is a resident of Meridian, Idaho and he just won $250,000 in the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game $250,000 Crossword. What makes this win so special, aside from the quarter of a million dollars is that it brings his total number of wins up to six. Yep... six.

The ticket was sold at ExtraMile on Eagle Road and Goldstone in Meridian and they will receive $20,000 for selling the winning ticket.

My first thought is, how much has he put into this process? Of course, I highly doubt it's $250K. The article didn't mention how much his other winnings amounted to, but this one feels like it's the biggest. It's a lot of money after all.

It's obvious that Moss loves to play the lottery. Most of all he said he enjoys supporting Idaho public school in the process. In fact, he said he will be taking his winnings this time around and using them to pay for his daughter's future education.

Solid move, dad.

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