Earlier in June, a Kentucky tattoo shop went viral for offering to cover racist, hate-based ink for free. A Northern Colorado tattoo artist is now doing the same.

As the Black Lives Matter protests began following the death of George Floyd, discussions of racism and prejudice have been prevalent, as we move forward to better our society. With that, comes acknowledging our past mistakes. That's when Gallery X in Kentucky began offering free cover-up tattoos for anyone who had permanently, and regrettably, inked a symbol of hate onto their skin.

'If you feel it’s time to change your hate, or have been reformed but been too broke to cover your mistake of a tattoo, come see me you’ll get a class tattoo for free that can start your path to being the person you were meant to be,' the artists Jeremiah Swift and Ryun King said on their Facebook page, shared by Loudwire.

Benjamin Keating, a Loveland tattoo artist, is echoing that sentiment, offering people a fresh start with his art. Meaning, if you still have a confederate flag tat... it's time to cover that up.

'I'm mostly doing it because people deserve second chances and because people's outlook changes,' Keating said in an Instagram message. 'Everyone makes mistakes and if they're willing and able to admit that mistake, they should be given the opportunity to turn a new page!'

You can reach Keating by sending a direct message on Instagram, or sending an email.

benjaminkeating, Instagram
benjaminkeating, Instagram


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