So many families have been devastated by the recent wild fires here in Northern Colorado and as resilient as our kids can be, it's definitely been a rough couple of months for them as well as the many parents who have been dealing with so many things this year has thrown at us.

THANKFULLY we have so many wonderful people and resources in Northern Colorado willing to step in and help when needed and that's exactly what our friends at Serve 6.8 have done. Serve 6.8 is a Christian non profit that donated bags of supplies and toys for kids to help them through the process and help put a smile on their faces.

In a time when so many people are losing so much, it's easy to feel alone and scared and that's where the community comes into play.

Serve 6.8 is setting up resource centers all over Northern Colorado at churches to help the many people in need and displaced from the fires. A resource center will be open today (Thursday 10/29) from 5p-6:30p Thursday at Foundations Church...1380 N Denver Ave in Loveland.

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