Craig Campbell takes selfie with fans at UNC in Greeley

I have a pretty cool job. On Saturday night my wife and I went to the Spring Concert at UNC in Greeley Featuring Love and Theft, Craig Campbell, and Austin Wahlert. I had the opportunity to introduce all three bands at Butler Hancock Sports Pavilion. A big thank you to Craig for the shout outs from the stage.

Before the show, we had dinner at Randy's All-American Grill with Stephen and Eric from Love and Theft along with a few wonderful K99 listeners, who won the chance to be there.  Love and Theft even sang a few songs for us before dinner and even performed their new single, "Night That You'll Never Forget". Our Digital Managing Editor Jordan captured it in this Youtube video:

My Wife Jenny took these pictures at dinner:

My Wife was given a press pass to take pictures of the concert! Jordan gave me a couple photos too!


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