Our buddy, Austin Wahlert, is playing a benefit concert for those affected by the natural disasters in Montana, Florida, and Texas on Saturday, September 30 at Fritzler Corn Maze, south of Greeley.  The concert is from 7-8:30 pm.  Scream Acres is open from 8:30-close.

It's free to get in and free to park. Donations are encouraged.  Austin will be selling $10 limited edition "Thin Blue Line" posters.

Austin had this to say:

I know there is always going to be controversy in our country, you can't give more than 300,000,000 people free speech and not have controversy. But on this we can all agree, losing your home, kids and families going hungry, having to live in shelters, and hotels because they lost everything is not something any of us will stand by and watch without helping. Please join us this Saturday its going to be a fun way to help so many people in need around the country. It will be a great reminder of why we are called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!


How to Get to Fritzler Corn Maze

Travel south on Highway 85 through Greeley and Evans. Go 7 miles south of Greeley (4 miles south of LaSalle) to Peckham, CO. Exit west off Highway 85 onto the frontage road just on the south side of Peckham.

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