Do you feel like mail service is reliable here in Colorado? Based on personal experience, I feel like my mail comes in extremely slowly.

I send a bill out once a month and it typically takes up to 10 days for the business to receive and deposit the money.

We hope and wish that when we send or receive mail that it will be received not only on time, but we also hope that our mail will not be lost. If you have your mail lost in Colorado, just know that many Coloradans deal with it as well.

Colorado Mail Is Constantly Lost


Coloradans are anxious about their mail. According to recent data from iPostal1, Coloradans have their mail lost more than any other state in the nation.

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iPostal1 analyzed Google searches and found that Colorado has 12,667 Google searches per month regarding lost mail per 100,000 citizens.

That's a lot of people frantically typing "where is my package?" into their search bars.

Losing Mail in Colorado Is Frustrating


I have had mail missing. It is incredibly frustrating when you head to your mailbox expecting mail and waiting. Then one day you realize that your mail was lost.

The top reasons why mail is lost are due to illegible addressing, damage during transit, sorting mistakes, theft, and damaged labels.

If you believe your mail or package is missing in Colorado you can fill out a help request form with USPS. If you are expecting a package make sure that you received a shipping tracking number.

According to USPS, you can also submit a missing mail search request.

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