I was just reading an article somewhere in a doctor's office or somewhere, that said that lonely people are more likely to die from heart disease. That makes total sense to me. I think a broken heart is a real condition and it can be cured by human contact and interaction. The heart is alive and if you are alone and not doing or seeing things that get it pumping and feeling charged...it will fade away. You need other people to keep you heart healthy. Can you get a prescription for human contact? We should.

It is no secret that I suffer from all sorts of mental issues and even though I work in the public I am still terrified of crowds and interacting with people sometimes. I know many others are as well. That kind of feeling makes it easy to be withdrawn and not very social. That can be deadly. We need to have human interaction. We need to feel, see and touch things. We cannot do that if we are trapped in our homes. Even if it is uncomfortable at first, you need to get out and be with people. The energy and fuel you get is so healthy for your mind and body. The medical industry can never measure what the heart can do when it is full. You cannot fill it yourself. We need each other. Let's be there for each other and get out in the world. We can't change it or us if we are not in it. Heal your heart while we go out and try to heal the world. It is a win win situation but we need to be in the game. Get out there and mingle. You will be surprised at what a little human interaction will do for your health.


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