Cliff jumping at Horsetooth Reservoir (or anywhere) sounds pretty fun, right? Yes! Unfortunately, it's prohibited in the park.

The rules don't stop these rebels from cliff jumping anyway, though.

Larimer County Parks and Open Lands warns that cliff diving and jumping is "extremely dangerous," therefore it is prohibited at Horsetooth Reservoir. They also ban consumption of alcohol above 3.2%, so let's face it - they're a total buzz kill.

Even so, we don't need to be under the influence to live vicariously through these brave souls who risked their lives (and broke the rules) to make a splash on the reservoir in the videos below. (Nor do we condone breaking any sort of law.)

Let's face it - these kids really could have killed or seriously injured themselves. It looks like a ton of fun, though! Let's see more, this time with cool rewind effects (and a cute doggie smiling on the shore).

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