One of the biggest stress factors in a person's day to day life is dinner. Really, are you stressing over what to do with that pound of hamburger or package of chicken?

Dinner Dilema

Stress and wonder no more. I vow to bring you a dinner idea everyday for the rest of my life. Okay, so maybe not the rest of my life, but I will attempt to keep you in recipes everyday. Most idea's will be simple and will even include short cuts and last minute suggestions.


I am not good at remembering to take meat out to thaw. Or if I do take meat out, I forget and end up bringing home dollar menu items. So, I have learned short cuts and the art of improvisation in the kitchen.

Leaving meat out on the counter is not safe, so scrap that idea immediately. If you remember in the morning, put the frozen meat in the refrigerator. The meat won't thaw by the time you get home, but it will have started the process making it easier to manipulate. Side note, none of my ideas, outside of buying a pound of meat on the way home will help you with last minute meat loaves or meat balls or any other kind of meat 'forming' recipes. (part of me is hoping you just laughed) In terms of hamburger meat, I place the frozen log into a covered skillet with about a quarter cup of water on medium heat. Turn the meat often and break down when possible. Once the meat is manageable begin adding your favorite ingredients. Chicken is a bit simpler. I buy flash frozen chicken. This chicken need not be defrosted to cook. Now again, as with the hamburger meat, this won't help if you plan to stuff your chicken. If you are boiling, baking, sauteing or grilling, this is the chicken for you. I simply add how ever many pieces I need to a skillet and before you know it, it's time for dinner.

Now that we have the meat tips out of the way I will work on recipes. Please give me your input on what you really would like to see in the way of meal ideas. Quick, healthy, gourmet, technique assistance, you tell me and I will do my best to make it work for you.

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