You might want to think about bringing Taco Bell hot sauce packets with you on your next hike. Authorities said an Oregon man and his dog who were missing for five days survived by eating only taco sauce packets.

Jeremy Taylor and his dog Ally were reunited with friends and family after snowmobile rider found them stuck in the snow.

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The Deschutes Sheriff's Office said in a press release that the two were found in good condition but hungry after a search and rescue team member used a  SnowCat vehicle to reach them.

Taylor told deputies he traveled up a forest service road on Feb. 24, the day he was reported missing, but his SUV got stuck in the snow. He did not have a cell phone on him and slept in the car overnight.

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When he woke Monday, he only found more snow.

The Sheriff’s Office said Taylor was unable to get his SUV out, and though he tried to walk out, the deep snow made it difficult.

Instead, Taylor and Ally stayed in the SUV and kept warm by periodically starting it. They also used a few taco sauce packets as food.

In response to a friend's Facebook comment about how he ate three Taco Bell hot sauce packets during the ordeal, he joked: "Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!"

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