18-foot long Oarfish found dead off Southern California

If you believe in Japanese lore and legends of the sea then California may be in for another big earthquake.  

It's a tale of the sea, or is it.  Legend of old and fishermen will tell you that when the Oarfish beaches itself, it can mean only one thing; an earthquake is on the way.

The Oarfish which is rarely seen, dead or alive, lives at depths of 3000 feet and rarely surface.  When they do, an earthquake usually is close by. Months after an 8.8 magnitude quake rocked Chile in 2010 and a year before the giant March 2011 beast that rocked Japan all had reports of beached Oarfish or fishermen who caught them.

I did do a little bit of research and there are many sightings associated with earthquakes; the last being in Mexico after a recent earthquake in the Gulf of California. (See that video below) So, maybe it's the earthquakes driving them from the depths?

What do you think?  Just an anomaly from the depths of the ocean or is California due for another sizeable quake?  Leave your comments below.

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