I admit, I've never been that much of a fisherman. I've done it several times but it's something that just never stuck with me. Now, if I had gone with THIS guy a few times, that may not have been the case because EVERY time I have gone, I've had very little to no action reeling anything in.

Then there's this guy, which has prompted Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials to remind everyone that there is a limit to how good of a fishing day that you can have.


They say he was being greedy at a time when fishing is good. C'mon man, save some for the rest of us: not cool.

This was at Urad Lake west of Berthoud Pass.

Now, if you're like me and were unfamiliar with the catch limit laws here in Colorado, I'm here to help. When fishing, it's not as easy as buying a fishing pole and heading out, there are some things you need to get and keep in mind like getting a license and then knowing which fish and how many you can keep on a daily limit.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Fishing Brochure has all of the answers for you HERE

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