Lee Brice was supposed to be the headliner at the Budweiser Events Center on Saturday night. Instead, he played first and Justin Moore was the headliner. I heard them arguing about it before  the show.

They usually trade off and it was Lee's turn, but he let Justin go last instead. Most of the time, if there is an argument between two artists, it is because they both want to close the show. However, Justin and Lee are buddies and they are always offering to let the other one be the headliner.

The arguments don't get very heated. It's mostly a matter of logistics. If it works out better for one of the guys to go 1st, they usually do. The bottom line is, we had two headliners at the show on Saturday night. Our buddy, William Michael Morgan, opened the show. Then it was Lee and Justin closed out the night. It was a great show.

My wife and I captured a few shots with our iPhones while we were back stage.

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