Two Larimer County Rangers have been recognized for saving the life of a motorcyclist near Carter Lake over a busy Father's Day weekend.

On June 20, Larimer County Rangers Lane Fahrenbruch and Colton Ackerly were on duty at Carter Lake when they heard an emergency call come in regarding a motorcycle crash; upon hearing the call, the duo immediately jumped to action.

As per the call, a motorcyclist had reportedly crashed near the first dam at Carter Lake, to which rangers Fahrenbruch and Ackerly rushed to help, assessing the scene and providing initial medical care until medical crews arrived on scene of the incident.

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The Loveland Reporter-Herald said the motorcyclist was complaining about soreness in his neck, so the rangers used a cervical collar until an ambulance arrived to transport the victim to the hospital, as per reports from Captain Chris Fleming, division manager for visitor resources for the Department of Natural Resources.

Assisting paramedics during the incident got in touch with the rangers about 2 hours later to let them know that their actions had made quite a difference for the motorcyclist, who wound up fracturing his C2 vertebrae as a result of the crash.

“A paramedic on scene said that their actions at the very least prevented possible paralysis for the individual, but he believes that what they did saved his life,” as per information presented to county commissioners a meeting on Tuesday (July 13).

During Tuesday's meeting, the commissioners honored both rangers with a life-saving award and lauded their “outstanding work and service” as well as their professionalism and quick actions.

“This is a testament to your skills, your training, your experience,” said Commissioner John Kefalas, while County Manager Linda Hoffmann spoke of how they went above and beyond in fulfilling their mission of public safety.

“I’m confident whoever that injured person was is forever grateful", Hoffmann said.

“Thank you for saving this person’s life,” added County Commissioner Jody Shadduck-McNally, who had been riding along with rangers Fahrenbruch and Ackerly on the day of the incident and witnessed their efforts firsthand. “I’m thankful and reassured you’re out there taking care of folks in our public parks and open spaces.”

Well done, rangers.

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