Defendants appeared in court Friday morning in the Larimer County murder case. The Sheriff's office says that the case is like a giant puzzle and they are determined to solve it. Friday, sexual assault charges were added to the long list of offenses.

Larimer County Suspects Hear Charges ThinkStock
Larimer County Suspects Hear Charges ThinkStock

The Coloradoan reports that the Larimer County District Attorney's Office has added sexual assault charges against two of the five people suspected in the death of 28-year-old Andrea Bartmess. The suspects include Michael Bensen, Jose Rosario, Patrick Hannon, Kimberly Guinn and Chatainger McCaffrey-Pickett.  Each of the five face first-degree murder charges, Bensen and Hannon also face sexual assault charges and most have seen kidnapping and conspiracy added to their list of charges.

Bartmess' family reported her missing last month and her body was found in unincorporated Larimer County Nov. 21, 2014. Her remains were found along a Red Feather Lakes Road northwest of Fort Collins. Court records indicate that she was likely killed around Oct. 7, 2014

A preliminary hearing has been set for Jan. 21, 2015.




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