We are sad to report that Richard Rule lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

A long time member of the Loveland community and a great friend of ours is currently fighting a battle against cancer. Richard Rule is a former bull rider. He has been involved in the Larimer County Fair and Rodeo and 4-H for over 25 years. Richard has been on our show many times. Most recently he was on with us to talk about the Rodeo 34 Award.

Richard is a strong man of faith and family.  He has helped so many people over the years, but recently his family received some unexpected help.  This year Richard missed the Larimer County Fair and Rodeo because of his health.  His step - daughter Lindsey sold her lamb at the livestock auction, but nobody could have predicted what would happen.

Kind folks from the 4-H and fair community rallied and purchased her lamb for over $41,000 to guarantee her first years at college would be paid.  Shannon, Richard and Lindsey were all moved to tears and so grateful.  However, it didn't end there. The total is still going up. Apparently people can still do add-ons for 10 days after the auction and it is almost up to $50,000.

This YouTube video shows the auction where the magic happened. The part with Lindsey's lamb starts about 5 minutes into the video:

This video tells the Richard Rule story:

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