This has been one of the most unpleasant summers I have been through. This has been the summer of the stones and I have not seen Mick or Keith anywhere. I would have rather been with The Rolling Stones than the kidney stones...that is for sure.

Thank you for putting up with all this info on my condition but I know that a lot of people have gone through or will go through what I am experiencing and maybe there is something we can learn together from all of this.

Tuesday I went in for the most invasive procedure I have had to deal with yet. I have had two ESWL procedures and this time they had to go up my manhood with a camera and laser, bust up the stones and pull the pieces out of that part that should be an "exit only" area. I can honestly say this one hurt like hell but will get better soon. I now have about 6 inches of fishing line hanging out the end of my you-know-what that is attached to a stent in my ureter that is scheduled to be removed Tuesday, if all is the way it should be. I was thinking of tying a hook and minnow to end of the line and hanging it over the pond at Glenmere Park in Greeley and see if I can catch one of those huge carp and have it yank my stent out at the same time. That would one heck of a fishing video. Take that Bill Dance.

Again, I thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. It has been one heck of a battle but I think we may be really close to the end. Thank you to all the medical professionals for their caring and expertise as I have now had procures in Longmont, Fort Collins and Loveland on my summer of '18 stones tour. The tour should be over encores!

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