Well this has sure been an unpleasant summer. I know some people dream of spending the summer with the stones but those would be The Rolling Stones not the kidney stones. My stone nightmare continues on to a new chapter. One I really did not want to write.

I have been battling this darn stone since it started rolling around in my innards in early May. I have had two ESWL procedures done. Usually it just would take one and the job is done but this stone seems to be from another planet. It just won't break. I went in yesterday hoping they were going to finally remove the stent that goes between my bladder and kidney that opens my ureter to allow the stones and stone pieces to pass through easier. That did not happen. The stones are still too big to pass, so now we go to a different procedure where they will go up my man part and fish around with a laser to bust up and retrieve what is up there. The idea of someone fishing around my stuff makes me shudder in fear. Oh, it even gets more unappealing.

After they are done fishing they will put in a new stent but this one will have a string called "the dangler" that will hang out of that previously pointed out part, and will attached to me with a piece of tape. What the?!?! I will have to have this in for about a week and then go in and have him yank the string and pull the stent out. I can only imagine the lovely noise I will make that day. I am quite bummed about this whole deal but what can you do? I will go in sometime next week and get this next part done. I sure hope this is the end. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and words. Sorry to make every man cringe just thinking about this. It is amazing to me how no guy I have met can hear me talk about this without squirming. Here's a toast to this all ending really soon.

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