Okay the picture above is not a kidney stone but it did fake out a few relatives. Well, it's time for another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Brian Gary kidney stone. This has turned into much more of an epic novel than the short story I was hoping for. I just spent what was supposed to be my vacation, passing kidney stones. Woo hoo! Wait until you see the t-shirts I got all of you!

I had the ESWL treatment done a few weeks ago that was supposed to crush the stone to dust but unfortunately my stone was huge, dense and deep in me. The procedure broke it up but there were still two pieces too big to pass. I actually passed one of the big ones that they thought was unpassable. You may have heard the scream last Tuesday morning. I passed three stones that morning. I thought my man part had turned into a quarry and I wouldn't have been surprised to see Fred Flintstone slide out of there holding his lunchbox. Here are the three I passed.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

I will go in early Thursday morning to have one more blasting done and hopefully this will dust that sucker. I am not looking forward to the procedure again because it honestly feels like being kicked by a Clydesdale, but I can't wait for it all to be over. This is one last reminder of the poor life habits I had for 50 plus years. Here's to a successful blasting and a return to my usual ab-normalcy by next week. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and messages.

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