"Hole in the Bottle" is the candy on Kelsea Ballerini's Kelsea album. The two-steppin' progressive country mix rolls out lyrics that the next generation of country fans will remember for years to come.

Without sacrificing her pop sensibilities, Ballerini dives into a bottle of wine (and then another) to get over losing her man. It's a drinking song, and you'd feel bad for her if it didn't bounce along with such whimsy. One wants to join her — frankly, the 26-year-old plays the part of the kind of girl you enjoy being around after a breakup. Booze and sarcasm are a pretty good mix.

Where the East Tennessee native wins with this song is by not straying from her established brand to write and record a good ol'-fashioned country drinking song. Programmed drum beats and clap tracks play nice with crying steel and electric guitars, allowing Ballerini to modernize a concept as old as red wine. The arrangement was a smart risk on album that finds a real nice lane between two genres.

Did You Know?: Jesse Frasure, Hillary Lindsey, Ashley Gorley and Steph Jones helped Ballerini write "Hole in the Bottle," the third single from Kelsea.

Kelsea Ballerini's "Hole in the Bottle" Lyrics:

(Spoken word) There are many people who drink in moderation, with no problems, social, moral, or medical. They have learned to enjoy liquor without letting it upset the functioning of their body and mind. It relaxes you, makes you more congenial. I just had one sip. This helps a gathering cheerful and friendly.

It ain't my fault / So don't blame me / I swear I just came here to unwind and have one drink / The way it looks / Ain't what you think / This cabernet has a way of vanishing on me.

There's a hole in the bottle / Leakin' all this wine / It's already empty and it ain't even suppertime / Honey, no, I don't miss him / In fact, it slipped my mind / There's a hole in the bottle of wine.

I keep my cool / Play by all the rules / I swear ten minutes ago that bottle was full / I won't cry / About love gone wrong / 'Cause tears would water down this ruby red I'm sippin' on.

Repeat Chorus

I went and got a new one / 'Cause the other one was broken / Now this one's halfway gone / And it's barely even open

Repeat Chorus

You may ask me where it's goin' / But I can't even find / The hole in the bottle of wine.

(Spoken word) She has abused her system and she's paying for it.

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