To say Friendly Neighborhood State Trooper Lewis loves Kelly Clarkson is a bit of an understatement. Here's what happened when he found out she would be performing in Colorado on June 2.

OK, rewind. Remember when Colorado State Patrol Trooper Lewis talked about the dangers of using hands-free calling while driving? He warned not to use a phone behind the wheel ever, 'even if it's Kelly Clarkson on the line.' (Watch here.)

Well, The Voice judge/original American Idol winner/pop superstar recently announced she would be doing a free show at Falcon Stadium in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy on June 2, and Trooper Lewis is really hoping to get backstage.

Via Colorado State Patrol on

We all know how hard it is to get a celeb to interact with us on Twitter, so props to Trooper Lewis, because this happened. (No word on whether he actually got passes yet, but we're hopeful.)


Kelly Clarkson  -  'Love So Soft' 

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