Keith Urban is one of the newest acts of any genre to start a Las Vegas residency with his  Keith Urban Live — Las Vegas residency, and in a new interview with Rolling Stone, he reveals why he thinks so many country singers are flocking to the city.

"It’s just, entertainment Mecca," he says of Las Vegas. "Our audience is quite diverse."

For Urban, what drew him to Sin City is the allowance a residency gives him to showcase the various sides of his music.

"We have, obviously, people that love more of the country side of what I do. People that love more of the pop-esque side of what I do," he says. "All the stuff that doesn’t really fit into any genre or category, which we’ve got a lot of that kind of stuff."

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That "pop-esque" side of Urban's music will live on when he releases his next studio project, too; the new music he's working on is "a broad mix of songs, genres."

The 52-year-old goes on to explain that with a diverse audience, like one that might buy tickets to see him in Las Vegas, he's able to hit "all the targets."

"This place really supports that, because you’ve got all kinds of people coming in," he explains. "People come in to hear 'The Fighter' and they want more songs like that. Other people come in for 'Blue Ain’t Your Color,' and they want some more songs like that. It’s great to be able to hit all the targets."

The "We Were" singer recently expanded his residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace with a series of new dates in July and September. Tickets for Urban's Keith Urban Live — Las Vegas residency can be found on his official website.

See Keith and Nicole at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards:

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