The $4 million-dollar Loveland Fire Station No. 7 has been in progress for nearly a year near Big Thompson Elementary School.

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority is now set to open its latest facility by the end of February 2020, with a grand opening for the public coming in late March or April.

According to The Reporter-Herald, this one is special in a lot of ways including it being built specifically to mitigate wildfires in the area, as it lays in an area in-between developed and undeveloped land at 2629 N. County Road 27.

Also, its closeness to Big Thompson Elementary. There'll be a path from the school to the station for kids to visit; and the balcony of the firehouse looks out over the school's playground, helping in the mental health aspects of the firefighters stationed there.

Another neat thing is there's a fire pit outside the building where they plan to do 'fireside chats' with the community.

Get more on LFRA's No. 7 from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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