Kane Brown just released "Thank God," the song that will win him his first CMA Award. The singer's wife, Katelyn Brown, joins him for this true duet and proves that she may be the best vocalist in the family.

Even though Brown's fans knew his wife was a promising pop singer when they started dating, she hadn't really shown the receipts. One can be forgiven for assuming she'd appear on this highly anticipated new track from Different Man as backing vocalist only — with a little flourish toward the end to justify her name in the credits.

There is that flourish — Mrs. Brown's trill at the end of "thank God" will have you doing a double-take — but she also gets the whole second verse. Pop is the right genre for her vocal style, and she exudes confidence as she returns her husband's sentiment. There's wonderful chemistry, as you'd expect.

Thomas Rhett's "Die a Happy Man" is the best recent comparison to this new acoustic love ballad (a point emphasized with the music video). "Thank God" is the kind of song that will bring new fans to the genre — something Brown has shown he's capable of in the past. As for that CMA Award? It's far too early to discuss Song or Single of the Year potential, but the Vocal Event category should be an easy win for the Family Brown.

Did You Know?: "Thank God" was written by Christian Stalnecker, Jared Mullins, Jaxson Free, Josh Hoge and Kyle Fishman.

Listen to Kane Brown (With Katelyn Brown), "Thank God":

Kane Brown (With Katelyn Brown)'s "Thank God" Lyrics:

Kane Brown:
I was lost, you found a way to bring me back / Needed forgiveness, you always gave me that / Girl I'm a witness of your love because you don't be giving up / And it's crazy, how you save me. 

Hand on the Bible, don't know how I got you / But I couldn't ask for more / Girl what we got is worth thanking God for.

So thank God, I get to wake up by your side / Thank God, your hand fits perfectly in mine / Thank God you love me when you didn't have to / But you did and you do / And he knew, thank God for giving me you. 

Thank God, thank God / For giving me you. 

Katelyn Brown:
Never thought I'd find an angel undercover / Made a change to everything from my heart to my last name / Hard to tell when he fell, that boy is heaven sent / Every night when I close my eyes before I say amen.

Repeat Chorus

Katelyn Brown:
Hand on the Bible, don't know how I got you / But I couldn't ask for more.

Kane Brown:
Girl what we got is worth thanking God for.

Repeat Chorus

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