Many of you know I am an avid supporter of our Military in many many ways but I want to let everyone know that our parent company goes even one step further when it comes to our Military with Townsquare Cares.

We at Townsquare Media are committed to supporting our military men and women and their families at a grass-roots level through community outreach and collaboration with local and national charities. Please join us in supporting those to whom we all owe our deepest gratitude.

Steven Price, Co-Founder Townsquare Cares

U.S. Flag
Jonathan Ferrey, Getty Images

As a national non-profit organization, the mission of TSC is to better the lives of troops, their families and communities 365 days a year. Thanks to our radio network of more than 170 radio stations in towns across America and our network of local and national digital and event businesses, we are able to work hand-in-hand with local charities and service organizations to support those to whom we all owe our deepest gratitude.

So whether it’s sponsoring a concert that’s free to service men and women and their families… providing encouraging messages from home on the battlefield… or offering a helping hand to military families struggling with economic hardship, Townsquare Cares.

Consider helping us do even more for our troops by making your own donation today.

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