After a great kick-off show for the Taste of Country Concerts at the Greeley Stampede last night some could say it would be tough to back that up the next night. If anyone can do it, it's Clint Black! Not only Clint Black though, we have Josh Kelley opening the show up, and this makes for what could end up being an epic show!

Josh Kelley

Augusta Georgia is home to the greatest golf tournament in world. So being from there you might think that Josh Kelley would be hitting the links instead of the stage, you wouldn't be all wrong, because Josh is an avid golfer, but when he is not on the course he does put on one heck of a show! Josh started his love and passion for music young, forming a band when he was 14 with his younger brother Charles (Lady Antebellum superstar). Now, you may think Kelley is new to the whole big time music thing, but he is not. He has been signed to a major label since 2002 as a pop artist. It was in 2010 that Kelley made the big jump to the wild side of country music and signed with MCA Nashville. It didn't take him long to make it in country music. His debut single "Georgia Clay" made it into the top 20. Not only is Kelley talented and going to be a good time tonight at the Stampede, but boys, he has a very cute famous wife, Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl. Here's to hoping there is a wife siting tonight!

Clint Black

Clint is a pretty popular name I would say, agreed? Well, type Clint into the most popular website on planet earth, Google, and Clint Black only follows one of the world's most famous actor's, Clint Eastwood, as Google tries to guess who you are searching for. What's that mean? That means the man is popular! Why is he popular? Maybe it's the fact that he owns his own record label, that he is a movie star too, that he like Josh Kelley has a hot famous wife, or the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? All that's great, but what about the 46 hits, 13 of which are #1's? Yeah, that's probably it! Not to mention, if you ask anyone in the country music industry they will tell you that Clint is genuinely a good guy. Hard to pick what song to put on here for Clint, so I picked my favorite!

Now that you know why tonight will be a great show, we will see you out at Island Grove Park in Greeley tonight! Get more information here, and tickets are available here.

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