The massacre at Wounded Knee, SD, is not a forgotten memory for many and Johnny Depp is one of them. He now wants to buy a piece of the National Landmark.

I don't know much about Johnny Depp other than he seems like an odd one to me but perhaps that is due to some of the characters he has portrayed in many of his brilliant movies.  However, having a heart of gold comes in many shapes and sizes.

Although Depp announced last Summer plans to buy a piece of the Wounded Knee, South Dakota, historic landmark (doesn't Ted Turner own South Dakota or is it Montana) nothing has come of it.  The land in question is owned by a private owner who is selling two, 40-acre parcels for about $5M. Tribal leaders are upset because they feel he is trying to profit off the history of the massacre that took place in 1890 killing over 150 Native American men, women and children on their own reservation.  Talk about an atrocity, but that's another story.

Johnny Depp who plays the role of Tonto in the Lone Ranger movie wants to buy the sacred ground and give it back to the Native Americans who still live on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. Oglala Sioux President Bryan Brewer, whose tribe lives on Pine Ridge, said he has not been contacted by anyone in Depp’s camp and many think it's just a ploy for Depp's new movie. Many Native Americans aren't happy about a white man playing the role of Tonto either since there are plenty of actors with Native American bloodlines.

What do you think?  Does he really care about doing the right thing for the Wounded Knee descendants or is he out to promote himself? Seems like for someone with his kind of money $5M would be a drop in the bucket and if he were serious this deal would have been done long ago.

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