Country newcomer Joel Crouse sings with more confidence than   20 years provides most artists. He's been playing since before he could drive, and writing songs even longer. That experience shines through in his easy delivery of 'If You Want Some,' Crouse's debut single on Show Dog-Universal.

There's no hesitation or sense of nervousness to squeeze the fun out of this carefree party song. Often new artists over perform, but Crouse hangs back to let the vibe created by producer Jamie Houston do most of the work.

"It's probably gonna get a little crazy / Your memory's gonna be a little hazy / But you don't forget it / That's right I said it / It's gonna be / Epic," Crouse sings before the chorus. His style is more modern than many country-rockers on the radio. The Holland, Mass. native is most comparable to someone like Corey Smith, but his song should appeal to more of a mainstream audience Smith hasn't yet found.

The chorus goes: "If you want some, come and get some / Got enough girl to go around / Just good friends having a good time / Everybody is throwing down / Living it up, living it up, living like you never, ever done before / If you want some, come and get some / If you run out come back for more." 

Crouse, Houston and Luke Laird aren't going to win Songwriter of the Year awards for this effort, but it's a worthwhile story that allows the singer to show some personality. Steel guitars garnish the arrangement, giving his modern delivery some country cred. The song is cool enough to grab one's attention, but not so cool that fans will ask "What's he trying to prove?" That's a thin line to walk, but one that can lead to fame quickly.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Joel Crouse, 'If You Want Some'

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