Morgan Frazier's new single 'Hey Bully' is a neat and tidy soundtrack for an anti-bullying PSA. The singer shares a story she seems intimately familiar with, but the scattered lyrics don't quite latch on as tightly as one hopes.

The country newcomer shows a different side to her personality and proves she's capable of a variety of sounds and styles in this ballad. Her performance is understated, but perfect for a song that needs to be about the story -- not the singer.

"You say I'm too fan / You say I'm too skinny / You say I'm not cool / You say I'm not pretty / Then you spread it all around / And post it online for the whole world to see," Frazier sings to begin the song.

The conversation between bully and bullied continues through the first verse, but becomes less specific and compelling: "In the back of the bus / You're a big star / But you took a little joke a little too far / And the headline news says the kids aren't always / Playing so nice, out in the school yard," the 'Yellow Brick Road' singer offers.

The chorus is one someone would only come up with years removed from the schoolyard abuse. This isn't to say it's accurate, it just breaks from the more believable back-and-forth that begins 'Hey Bully.'

"Hey, bully did somebody hurt you, make you feel small / You take it out on me because it makes you feel tall / But you're scared and alone / If you looked in my eyes you'd see / Hey bully, you're a lot like me."

The emotion one is left with isn't redemption, but sadness. That's valid, as more people can relate to the quiet mental anguish a victim endures than they can that great (but rarely realized) high-road revenge moment. Frazier's choice of subject matter earns her an extra half star, because despite the success of Taylor Swift's 'Mean' and numerous bullying stories in the news, there are relatively few songs recorded on the subject. 'Hey Bully' feels fresh.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Morgan Frazier, 'Hey Bully'

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