In general, songs that paint an entire group of people with one broad brush stroke don't fare well on country radio, but Joanna Smith is hoping to prove 'em wrong with her new single 'Girls Are Crazy.' The peppy new track is fun and flirty, and a short hop backward for women in country music.

It's a great time for the empowered female artist. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are true leaders in the genre. Next to a song like 'Over You' on the radio Smith's single would be something like the fuzz from an un-bloomed dandelion.

"All girls are crazy / Always been that way / Just lately / Sure as the sun in the morning / Steady as the stars at night / From the full grown down to the babies / All girls, all girls are crazy," she belts out during the chorus. Vocally, Smith is a real talent and she's shown quite a bit of range with previous singles like 'We Can't Be Friends' and 'Georgia Mud.' She's unique, but needs a song that won't offend.

"But boy don't you love adventure / The rush and thrill of the chase / Wouldn't the world be boring if all the females were same, but we ain't," Smith adds to close the second verse before a bridge that includes this unfortunate -- although predictable -- bimbo moment:

"We're crazy in love / Crazy in the head / The crazier we are, the crazier in bed (What?)."

Perhaps Smith introduces this song really, really well during live shows to get a good reaction. The catchy chorus is tailor-made for the bar crowd feeling extra saucy after a few cold beers or shots of whiskey. The message is hardly one one wants to hear his or her daughter shouting over and over again after hearing it on the radio.

1.5 Stars

Listen to Joanna Smith, 'Girls Are Crazy'

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