When I met Victor, a production superintendent at JBS Greeley, his passion for his career was readily apparent. It doesn't surprise me that he has climbed the career ladder as quickly as he has. JBS has taken him places, quite literally.

Victor started at JBS in his native country, Brazil, in 2015, and about four years later, he accepted an opportunity to move to the United States to work for JBS as a supervisor. Since then, he's been promoted to export superintendent and then moved to his current position in 2021. He talked with me recently about his career:

Victor remains friends with many of his coworkers at JBS Brazil and is proud to count many of his current coworkers among his friends, too — people born in the United States, Africa, and Mexico. He enjoys experiencing other people's perceptions of the world and is thankful for their assistance in solving problems at work.

JBS helped him grow his family, too: He met his wife at JBS Brazil, and she presently works at JBS Greeley as well.

Along the way, language barriers have been troublesome, but JBS has provided support and resources to minimize them. From coaching to opportunities for advancement, JBS has rewarded his hard work, and Victor sees daily how senior leaders continue to invest in employees who are dedicated to growth and achievement.

Victor is proud to work at JBS Greeley because of this work culture. No matter what your background is, JBS is a place where both your potential and your contributions are valued. If you or someone you know is ready to see their career dedication and motivation rewarded, learn more at jbsfoodsgroup.com.

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