Jake Owen's dog and his truck have been replaced.

The country singer revealed that his cell phone is filled to the brim with pictures of his daughter Pearl, born on Thanksgiving of last year. It's a true rite of passage into fatherhood, since his phone previously held photos of his canine and his vehicles, namely his boat while on the water.

"My whole entire cell phone went from pictures of my dog and, like, pictures of my truck and my boat in the water and bein' out on the lake to now every picture in my phone is a picture of Pearl," Owen said (quote via Sony Nashville).

He said that when people ask to see photos of his pride and joy, they don't know what they are in for, since he has so many images that he wants to share.

“And it’s funny, ’cause people say, ‘Do you have any photos of her?’ And I’ll spend the next, you know, 15, 20 minutes just thumb-scrolling through my iPhone to show them pictures of my little girl," Owen revealed.

Clearly, someone is in love with being a father. "It’s pretty bad, actually, but I’m proud of her," he continued. "I like showing her off."

Look at that face! Who wouldn't be proud and want to show her off? Pearl is precious.

Owen will celebrate his first Father's Day this Sunday, June 16. Owen, who said that "there's nothing more fulfilling than being a dad," will likely take tons of photos with his baby girl to celebrate and document their first daddy's day together.


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