It appears that Jake Owen was arrested late Saturday night (May 5.) The singer shared a photo of himself cuffed and next to a cop car just after 11:30PM ET — mere hours after he was tossing back a beer with a buddy, happily and heartily celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

“I just got arrested in my own hometown,” the ‘Alone With You’ hitmaker posted, including the photo seen here. For those not geographically in the know, Owen is a Floridian, hailing from Vero Beach, which is in the southern portion of the state.

Following the picture of him next to the police vehicle in his board shorts, Owen revealed more info about the incident. “I was wearing an old man mask and the sheriff decided to rip me out of Steak And Shake and embarrass me in front of my family. Classic,” he said.

It’s not immediately clear what exactly he was doing wrong that got him arrested, but it’s obvious that the singer wasn’t pleased with the way things played out — and he didn’t stop there. “You give a guy a gun and a badge and he thinks he’s John Wayne,” he tweeted, taking a stab at the sheriff who put him in cuffs. “Thanks Indain River County Sheriffs Office. Unreal.” Yikes.

We can’t blame Owen for being aggravated by the ordeal, as he was out and having a little fun on a party holiday, only to be interrupted by the long arm of the law for what seems to have been a misunderstanding. “I’m calling it a night. My mom cried. My Dad was embarrassed,” he said after midnight. “I lived out another day. Happy Cinco De Mayo.”

According to his tour schedule, Owen appeared in Melbourne, Fla. on May 5 to perform at the Space Coast Music Fest. Earlier in the day, the recently engaged star shared a photo of himself sporting some authentic Mexican headwear and consuming a beverage. “It’s on,” he said Saturday afternoon, adding, “Whats the big deal about Cinco De Mayo. I’ve been drinking my a– off Everydayo of Mayo.”

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that Owen was detained by the cops, as he was in possession of his phone and tweeting about the arrest soon after it happened. Sounds like it was mucho ado about nada.

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