Jake Owen's song, "1x1," is about a bachelor-turned-husband-and-father -- and it's all because of one person who changed his life. Suddenly, his world is filled with irreplaceable treasures. Owen showcases those treasures in the song's music video.

The video opens with the country singer seated strumming on his guitar. One beam of light washes over Owen as he sings the first verse. The scene is a metaphor for the opening lyrics, as the main character has settled with the fact that he will remain alone in this life.

As the chorus hits, Owen is now standing in a box that is illuminated by video projections. The "Made for You" singer remains in this box for the rest of the video, as clips of life's joys fill the walls. We see a couple riding bikes, a mother holding her new baby, a soldier returning home from deployment and more. There are also breathtaking scenes of our beautiful nation from sandy beaches to sky-high mountaintops. In a way, it feels as if Owen is standing in the middle of a box of memories.

The video is both nostalgic and hopeful, but it also reminds us to take a moment to look around us. Life is moving a mile a minute and we should pause to soak in all of its beauty.

"1x1" was written by Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey, and Josh Miller. Owen was quick to jump on the song as its lyrics resonated with him.

"One by one, year after year, song by song I'm constantly trying to improve myself and my career. This song, aptly titled '1x1,' is very fitting for where I am in my life right now," Owen said when he released it on April 29. "It's one of the best songs I've been a part of recording and something I'm really proud of. One by one, day by day, step by step, I'm working on a better me."

The Florida native plans on putting out more music this year. So far he has released "Fishin' On a River", "Up There Down Here", and "Best Thing Since Backroads." A new album has not been confirmed for Owen, but he will be continuing his Up There Down Here Tour in the fall.

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